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  • Step into The Anna Pierre’s Suk Sou BonBon Clothing Line...
    and accessories and explore the passion, tenderness and love that millions have received through Anna Pierre’s music as an artist and tender loving care as a nurse.

  • The intertwined doves are symbol of love. Love is a universal language, where we all are intertwined through love for one another. Anna’s love for her international neighbors is expressed by the song “Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m”. Anna is the founder and CEO of APHEC INTERNATIONAL, Inc.( The Anna Pierre Health Education Center), a not for profit organization that provides free health screenings to promote health and prevent diseases. Anna has been a dedicated nurse for more than 20 years and a devoted mother to her daughter.

  • Anna’s clothing line Suk Sou Bonbon is a spin off from her famous song” Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m. Just like her famous song “ Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m,” this new Suk Sou BonBon clothing line and accessories is designed for you and promised to leave you begging for much more. The Suk Sou BonBon clothing line will serve as a catalyst to help you meet all your fashion needs and receive the attention that you so deserve. Whether you are at home, going through the rigors of a hard-stressed workday, or hitting the streets en route to your favorite club or church, the Suk Sou BonBon Fashion Clothing Line will definitely set the tone for the style and the occasion.

  • The Suk Sou Bonbon clothing line and accessories has been established to satisfy the fashion needs of modern men and women.Our clothes express beauty and class. Be part of the millions across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbeans wearing the Suk Sou BonBon clothing Brand. You can now show off your figure and your style with our Denim jeans, beautifully designed blouses, T-shirts for men and women, men dress shirts and our exclusive line of ladies underwear. Special attention is given to all details, from the quality of the materials to the careful packaging.

  • The logo of the Suk Sou BonBon Fashion Clothing Line was designed with you in mind and is proudly displayed on every piece of our clothing and accessories. The two doves twined together and the Suk Sou BonBon wording which means in English: Tender Loving Care, in French: Passion et Tendresse and in Spanish: Cuidado con Ternura, is by far the most striking statement showing love, harmony and peace, all at one time.

  • We feature Denim Jeans and dresses that grab your body to accentuate the body’s natural curves. Our beautiful line of handbags, sunglasses, hats and belts are eye catching. We have bath robes for the classy men who want to lounge around in style. Imagine making a fashion statement with a pair of Suk Sou BonBon sandals! In addition to showing off your beautifully manicured toes, you are also demanding better treatment and attention from your friends and loved ones. The Suk Sou BonBon Clothing Line and accessories offers confidence, elegance, independence and a medium of communication for people in all areas of life.

  • Make the Suk Sou BonBon Line your fashion Brand. It is the brand for lovers.

  • The Suk Sou BonBon Clothings and accessories can be found on line at www.suksoubonbon.com and at selected Boutiques and Department Stores across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbeans.